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Good Life Farm is a 6.2 hectare finca (farm) located at the top of the valley, along a short track from a good tarmac road. All the land above us is ours, so nobody overlooks us, and the views from the land stretch uninterupted for over 15km to the west, so you will always see the most amazing sunsets. The finca is currently growing olives, almonds and figs, but we have recently introduced orange, lemon and avocado trees, and we are working on a fruit and vegetable plot in order to be as self-sufficient as possible. The central half of the finca is terraced land for growing produce, the other half surrounding it is wild and unspoilt pine forrest.

This is a working farm, as well as our home, and with over 62,000m2 of land, there is always something to do. Most of the time, it is just keeping the land tidy, planting, pruning etc, but sometimes we will need to plough the terraces with the tractor, prune a tree etc, but we will keep any disruption to a minimum and when the casa is unoccupied whenever possible. We also have 3 dogs, and this is their home too. They are free to roam around the land, but most of the time they just sleep in the sun. They only bark when someone comes onto our land or there is a wild animal nearby.

The farm is completely off-grid, which isn't as primative as some people think, so please read our 'living off-grid' page so you understand what it involves.

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